The ARTERNAL Difference

Access the Most Efficient Art Fair Strategy


  • Send bespoke emails quickly and at scale, including a personalized preview page.
  • Track email and text engagement: opens, clicks, and shares to inform the follow-up strategy via email, iMessage, WeChat, & WhatsApp.
  • Automatically create a deal pipeline based on pre-fair engagement. 

While in the Booth:

  • Access information anywhere anytime from an iOS/web cloud-based system.
  • Automatically save new client information & create a profile in real-time with Integrated Card Scanner.
  • Monitor several deals at once, manage inventory, and client interaction from the ease of your phone.


  • Leverage newly acquired data to confidently execute post-fair outreach in a strategic yet personalized fashion.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and administrative duties
  • Evaluate the ROI of each particular fair over time with data-driven information.

As Opposed to:

  • Time-consuming personalized emails.
  • Excel spreadsheets to track offers.
  • Handwritten notes on business cards.
  • Memory.