ARTERNAL’s Art Fair Check-list
Our recommended strategy to drive sales, cultivate new clients, & make the most of your experience.


Prior to the fair:

    • Send personalized offers and outreach to your clients in advance of the fair 
    • Track email and text engagement: opens, clicks, and shares to inform the best follow-up strategy via email, iMessage, WeChat, & WhatsApp 
    • Automatically create a deal pipeline based on pre-fair engagement
    • Pull a list of clients that you usually see at that fair, familiarize yourself with their information and interests
    • Since some travel is still localized- check in with all clients on their travel plans
    • For clients who cannot travel, try to schedule a video call from the booth so they feel included in the fair energy- even if they acquired work in the booth pre-fair
    • Break in new shoes or ideally get the latest kicks-remember how much you will be standing & walking
    • Helpful supplies to have on hand: power cables and portable chargers, breath mints, chocolate or energy bars, water, screen wipes, ample supply of N95 masks for each team member, hand sanitizer, fair maps to give to clients

While in the Booth:

    • Schedule a little time before the fair each day with your team to review work statuses & sales strategies
    • Access client & artwork information anywhere, anytime from your laptop, iPhone or iPad 
    • Automatically save new client information & create a profile in real-time with our business card scanner integrated with your CRM — forget the stapler and notebook
    • Monitor several deals at once, manage inventory, and client interaction with ease from your ARTERNAL mobile app 
    • Make time to eat and stay hydrated — fair days are long!

After the fair:

    • Leverage newly acquired data to confidently execute post-fair outreach in a strategic, yet personalized fashion
    • Follow up with everyone you spoke with at the fair, you never know who your next client might be
    • Easily evaluate the ROI of each particular fair over time with data-driven information
    • Treat yourself to a massage and rest up for the next one! 

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